Help finding Family of Pappy Goers, Pearl Harbor Hawaii

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    While living in Hawaii from 1981-1993 I was privileged to meet a great man.

    One of my first jobs on Oahu was working as a salesmen for a refrigeration supply company. Not the most exciting job except for the fact that one of my duties was to sell supplies to the military. I loved visiting each of the bases Pearl Harbor, Hickam, Scofield, Barbers Point, Camp Smith and Bellows on a daily basis. The Company did not supply me with any transportation so I made all my sales calls on my motorcycle. My first day on the job while visiting Pearl Harbor PWC, I met the man responsible for procurement for the officers clubs "Pappy Goers" we immediately hit it off and quickly became good friends. Pappy was full of great stories and had access to so many amazing sites. One day Pappy saw me getting off my motorcycle at Pearl and told me to jump in his jeep. I asked where we were headed, Pappy replied "Scofield" I just thought you should meet a few folks over there". Once there we exchanged a few pleasantries with some other purchasers and then he asked me if I wanted to look around the place.He then took me to one of the main barracks and He led me to the roof. I was amazed that no one stopped us along the way. Once on the roof Pappy showed me an amazing site. Right there in front of us there was a big wall that had many obvious large bullet holes. Pappy told me that on Dec. 7th 1941 during the Pearl Harbor attack he lost his brother on the USS West Virginia. Then he pointed at the wall and said: "Those Jap bastards even shot up this barracks that day too"! Many of my contacts with the military came from my association with Pappy. Before jotting down this post I sat down and attempted to find out what could have become of Mr. Goers. I had no luck at at. I even went as far to contact the current people in charge of the officers clubs at both Hickam and Pearl. No one has been there long enough to have known him. The strangest thing was, I looked up the list of men that died on the USS West Virginia on Dec. 7th 1941 and to my surprise there was no one by the name of Goers on the list. Then I checked the list of all the dead including the civilians still no one by that name. Pappy was not the kind of man to make up stories in fact he rarely opened up to anyone. I'm sure there is another explanation. I would like to no if any officers or civilian employees serving in the Navy or the Airforce during 1981-1993 at either Pearl or Hickam would remember Pappy. I would like to find out what became of him or find any of his surviving family members that could help unravel the mystery of Pappy's brother.

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