Help in Identification of a vehicle and the regiment to which it belonged.

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  1. Oldleg

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    I was wondering if anyone out there is able to identify what vehicle this is and which regiment it mmay have belonged to. The photo was taken in Rosay Sur Lieure on August 30th 1944. Unfortunately I can give any more details of the photo as it comes from a newspaper. I have asked locally if there are records of which regiments passed through but there are no records at all that exist. I now that there was a lot of British and Canadian (Canadian 1st Army) movement in the area that day. Can anyone help?

  2. Rich Payne

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    A Humber Scout Car Mk IV I think. Can you read the serial number on the original ?
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  3. Oldleg

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    F134060 is the number. Here is a link to the digitized copy of the article. The three photos underneath were taken in the same village the same day.

    La Libération

    Sorry, if you click on the words La Liberation that will being you to the article.
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    Doesn't answer your question but from a list of census numbers I have seen the adjacent numbers are:
    F134090 - Humber Armoured Car Mk IV - Beau Sabreur III - 49 Recce, B Sqn, 1 Troop
    F134057 - Humber Armoured Car Mk IV - Laughing Boy III - 53 Recce, A Sqn, 2 Trp

    Found it New Resource - British Vehicle Names and Census Numbers
  5. Oldleg

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    When you talk of the 53rd Recce, I believe it is the 53rd Welch, in which case they were in the area on that date. Looking at the name Beau Sabreur, that is French for Handsome swordsman. Was 49 Recce Canadian at all? If so, where were they that day?
  6. Owen

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    49 Recce was the recce regiment for 49th British Division . The Polar Bears. British NOT Canadian.

    53 Recce was the recce regiment for 53rd Division.
    The Division was titled as Welsh not 53 Recce
  7. Oldleg

    Oldleg Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying that Owen.
  8. chrisgrove

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    Note that the vehicle is a Humber Armoured Car Mk IV, not a Humber Scout car which is much smaller. Beau Sabreur is a well known book by P C Wren; that name would be quite well known in UK circles so I think (IMHO) that the Canadian connection might be a red herring.
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  10. Rich Payne

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    Whoops ! :blush:
  11. Tony56

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  12. One carrier has the AoS Serial Number '41', thus Recce Regt of an Inf Div:
    Carrier 1.jpg

    The photos might show the Formation Sign, although I personally cannot really see it:
    Carriers 2.jpg
    Humber Armd Car.jpg


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  13. Oldleg

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    I had a look at the 49 Recce war diary, that place is about 50Kms away.
  14. Looking again at the photos of the various Carriers (3 vehs in total), there is something on the nearside mudguards that might be the 'W' of 53 (Welsh) Div formation sign after all...

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