Help? Looking for war time photo of Sgt. Thornton

Discussion in 'Airborne' started by teletypeman, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Charlie Thornton was a family friend - a good friend of my Dad's (he was in 2 para - but younger than Charlie) Charlie was definitely at Pegasus Bridge & definitely in the Parachute Regiment - he was also wounded & the shrapnel stayed in his body which meant he lived in pain. There was a man on "This is your Life" quite a few years back who was an officer at Arnhem and at the end a few of his men came on & Charlie was one of them. I've only just joined this site & it makes me sad reading that he wasn't there so I wanted to set the record straight! He was an amazing man & very modest.
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    Hi - Charlie was my Dad's friend. He lived in Netley - near Southampton, Hants
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    Hi Mitchygirl,

    Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your very interesting comment. I think some of the doubt has arisen due to a lack of documentation that Sgt. Martin Charlie "Wagger" Thornton was at Arnhem. The reason I've carried on here is to honour his memory and hopefully to resolve the matter.

    This is Your Life John Frost from the mid 70s can be seen on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. The audio on the second part is badly out of sync. The march in with band and men of 2 Para begins at the 9 minute mark. Would the man with grey hair be Charlie Thornton seen at right front of this still from the video?

    This is your life General John Frost pt 2.mp4_snapshot_09.19.jpg

    Regards ...

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