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    The following shoulder-worn cloth formation badge comes from a photo of an officer of The Burma Regiment. I'm uncertain of the identity of the formation and would be grateful for any help please.


    The closest possible match I have found is that of Central Command (India). That headquarters badge was a red circle set within a black equal-sided diamond. However, in the drawing I have seen of this badge the circle is of much thinner gauge/thickness than that in the photo.

    Central Command is a possibility as the Burma Army was reorganised and then based at Hoshiarpur which came within the Central Command area.

    The Burma Regiment came into existence in October 1942. The officer in question went home on leave to the U.K. at some point after the 1942 Burma campaign and returned to Burma later in the war.

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    Two versions of the Central Command (India) badge are shown on the Imperial War Museum site, one having the red circle in the same proportions as in post 1. Although not shown as such on the illustration, it says it is a diamond shaped badge.

    In the photo in post one it looks like the soldier has prev worn a square badge in the space for the Central Command badge, or realligned his CentralCommand badge from level to diamond.

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    Excellent, thank you
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    I can find two examples of formation badge for Central Command:


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    Thank you, Tim
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    This seems to be an actual example, although being sold by a dealer as a 72 Bde badge;
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