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    My Grandad was very vague about his wartime years and whilst i was fascinated as a child he always managed to change the subject ! When i was 13 he passed away and i had lost a very special person =( When i was older i tried to talk to my Nan about his sevice but again she was very keen (i could tell) to change the subject.
    2 years ago she too passed away but i have just found a treasure trove of information in the loft !!!! It really is a finding treasure moment.....theres letters, cap badges, buttons, coins, stamps, photos, souvenirs from Egypt, Palestine etc, airgraphs, and even a Lee Enfield .303 cartridge !

    I cannot wait to research the letters and try and piece together the information i have always craved. Until now all i knew is that he served in North Africa and have always believed he was at or near El Alamein. I guess i will soon know alot more ! =)

    I may however need help piecing things togather if anyone fancies helping me. Also im worried about not being able to read the very small and wavy script....any ideas how i can get around this ?

    There are some amazing photos and two of note are "The Wailing Wall" and "The Garden of Gethsemane"

    Anyway his airgraphs suggest he was part of the RAOC which i know is the Royal Army Ordanance Corps but what does MEF mean ???

    i hope to contact the MOD Medals office too to see if he qualified for any service medals/awards. This would complete the picture for me and really make my day no in fact year !

    Thanks in advance and in eager anticipation of any help, tips or advice

    Best Regards
    a very proud grandson
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    Well I think you may have come to the right place, BD - anything you can't ID or need help with, there's bound to be a chap here who will know.
    Doubtless someone will suggest obtaining service records too - there ought to be a thread here on how to obtain, but I seem to have misplaced it :unsure:.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks guys ! =)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    MEF= Middle East Force.

    Any questions, just ask. Look forward to hearing more about your grandad.
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    Welcome to the site, seems like you have an interesting start? Do the letters indicate a unit type and number? Any service book? You have the starting block. Look forward to seeing more posts & don't be afraid to ask questions :) we are all here to learn and help each other
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    I have just had a quick look at one of the many letters, telegraphs and airgraphs and it says

    Jan 20th 1943
    R Camp
    5 BOD ???

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    5 BOD = 5 Base Ordnance Depot. which I think was at Tel el Kebbir.
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    It might be an idea to timeline the photos/docs you have them post them on the forum.I am sure forum members will be able to assist.
    As stated service records will also help build your picture £30 plus possibly 12 month wait.

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    Hi Buckdog welcome to the forum. Am looking forward to seeing what you have to post :)
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    Can anyone suggest the best way of sharing pics ? Do i link to another site or upload onto this one ????

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    It's whatever is easiest for you :) I use Photobucket because I don't have to think about file sizes and also because I mainly use my iPad for all things internet.
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    Add them to an album in the Gallery as that works the same way as a site like Photobucket now.
    See this thread on how to add them to a post once uplaoded to the Gallery.

    Use that thread to experiment first if you like.
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    Yes. Lovely pics. Thank you for posting them :)
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    Thanks for posting. Lovely pictures


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