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  1. Good morning. Wondering if anyone may have access to crew lists or other records to search for my uncle who supposedly served on HMS Dido. He passed away a number of years ago and received his service medals for care. I am unable to find his service number and was hoping someone may have information that I can put in a formal request for his records. I live in Canada, so any in person visit to any UK location is not really in the cards. Many thanks in advance.
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  3. Tim. Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately due to many circumstances, I do not have access to a death certificate, and I apologize. I should have stated that fact. I have a date of death and can provide a web link to a cremation notice. Thin that will be enough? Although his wife, my aunt is still alive, I don't want to get her involved as is stirs up memories that will upset her at this age and with her general health. I was trying to bypass her. There are no children in the family.
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    You can get a UK Death Certificate (assuming death was in UK) online but I'm not sure of the link.

  5. Thanks. It was in UK. I have now submitted a request for the certificate.
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    Google birth deaths it’s a Site ithink it’s GRO but don’t quote me
  7. Yes. It was the GRO web site. Thanks all for help starting the process.

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