HMS Prince of Wales carrier at Rosyth

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    After visiting the HMY Britannia at Leith last Tuesday popped along the coast to see the Forth Railbridge.
    On the opposite shore saw one of the new Queen Elizabeth carriers at Rosyth.
    Just had a Google & saw it was the Prince of Wales
    HMS Prince of Wales (R09) - Wikipedia

    hms prince of wales RO9 001.JPG hms prince of wales RO9 002.JPG
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    Happy to read that someone is keeping their navy up-to-date. I doubt we have anything new in the Canadian Navy. Our politically correct government is considering the purchase of some used Australian jets, last time the Liberals purchases anything used it was the subs from the Brits. That was a disaster!

    Guess we still need our American friends.
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    The UK's newest aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, has set sail from the Firth of Forth.

    One of the largest vessels to be operated by the Royal Navy, it is to begin its initial sea trials.

    The ship has been built to operate F35B Lightning II Joint Strike fighter jets.

    Its sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, was completed two years ago. It is currently crossing the Atlantic to begin operational trials with fighter aircraft in the USA

    Second giant aircraft carrier sets sail
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    I cannot help thinking that these two capital ships are so precious that they will never leave port if they were in any way threatened by any nation who had the capacity to sink them.

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    Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano - Wikipedia

    Commissioned on Nov 19, 1944 and sunk on November 29.

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