How Many Men Can You Fit On A Tank?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by von Poop, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Thanks Tom, I didn't know what it was :)

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    Haha, Never get in the way of a guy trying to win a prize!!!!

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    Via [twitter]PeterJRhodes[/twitter]
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    Not sure the driver could see to drive on that Mk VI! Tanks vary in size of course, but in the 60s it was usually reckoned that you could transport a platoon on one Centurion. That would be about 30 men in theory, though with the ending of National Service not all platoons were up to strength.

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    Which brings us neatly onto; more Aussies on a Cent, or possibly the same Aussies as post #12:

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    Pottered onto a winner while looking for something else.
    (Try the search with near random terms... there's some mad stuff on here. :unsure: )

    China Hand shared this, here:
    Tank riders

    56 on a Cent. 1952. Pretty hard to beat.
    So if anyone ever asks me. I'm currently confidently saying 56. :D

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    So that's what a tank looks like after a bunch of Aussies have been sitting on it for a while?
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    We have a thread on pith helmets!?!? Where!?!?
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    Not only pith helmets but armoured cars and another on the sartorial elegance of officers et al.

    Edit: apologies but for some reason I can't post the link.
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    23rd Hussars, Le Beny Bocage, 1 Aug 1944.
    Fred Sedgley (left) and Sgt John Sear (right) standing in front.

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