HQ 29th Armoured Brigade at the end of WWII

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    Firstly my grateful thanks to Neilt for kindly photocopying the extracts from the War Diaries for HQ 29 Armoured Brigade for Summer 1945.

    I have finally had the opportunity to recently visit Kew to see at first hand this and other related documents.

    There is no doubt that the situation facing the British Forces in Germany immediately after the German Surrender was pretty chaotic and previously prepared plans under Operation Eclipse had to be rapidly adapted to address the realities of the situation.

    Not shown in Neil's extract are the outline details of the 11 Armoured Division plan for the occupation of northern Schleswig Holstein which was published on the 7th May for implementation on orders of HQ 8 Corps.

    This envisaged HQ 11 Armoured Division (Main) being in Schleswig.

    The Inns of Court (the Divisional Recce Regiment) would be responsible for sealing the German/Danish border.

    29 Armoured Brigade would be responsible for the western half of the Divisional area (which would explain why HQ 29 Armoured Brigade looked at Husum as a possible location). 158 Infantry Brigade would be responsible for Flensburg and the surrounding area (the remnants of the Nazi Regime under Grand Admiral Doenitz were holed up in the town, their existence was tolerated in order that they could confirm instructions to surrender to the remaining Kriegsmarine vessels at sea and German Forces in Norway and other outlying areas). Divisional Artillery Regiments would be responsible for the remainder, mainly in the south east, of the Divisional area including Schleswig.

    For reasons which are currently unclear this plan changed, HQ 11 Armoured Division set up in the imposing Schloss at Loiusenlund, Schleswig became a 29 Brigade responsibility and the Brigade Headquarters was required to establish a presence in the town (the extract from the Brigade Admin Order dated 12 May reflects these changes).

    In normal circumstances as the Military Commander for the area, The Brigadier would have expected to have had the use of prestigious and comfortable living and working accommodation, however the RAF and Control Commission Germany units had got there first (the reason for their ignorance or non compliance with the Army Stand Fast Order is still unclear) The Manor House at Gut Winning as Brigade Headquarters (Main) with the Echelon at nearby Moldenik was therefore the only sensible option though the Diary does make it clear the Brigade Commander had the use of a suite of rooms in the Rathaus for his Daily Conference and where he issued his orders and instructions to interested parties (the use of staff from the survivors of the Gross Deutschland Division who had escaped to Schleswig Holstein after the Division had been virtually destroyed by the advancing Soviet Forces in East Prussia is interesting, as is the scathing asides about the way the RAF carried out their equivalent responsibilities)

    Not included in Neil's extracts is the Diary for October 1945, this shows that the entire Headquarters moved to more suitable winter accommodation in the former Stalag XA to the relief of many (I infer that a number of personnel were living in tented accommodation). Stalag XA had been built to accommodate the many foreign forced labourers employed on essential war work in the Schleswig area. Its exact location is unclear.

    Two final points
    Firstly is any contributor to this site aware of the exact location of Stalag XA?
    Secondly my grateful thanks to all the contributors to this thread. It demonstrates the need for very careful and thorough research if the true facts are to recorded,I for one was seriously mislead by an apparent official document. I have some significant amendments to make to my personal data sheets.
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    Dear Bluebell Minor
    I am quite sure that Stalag XA was situated at the Kaserne am Hesterberg. The central building is placed northeast of the crossroad of Suadicanistrasse and the northern end of the road Hesterberg. It's quite likely that prisoners were kept in other buildings close by; maybe also in the buildings of the neighbouring hospital.
    Best regards Jochen
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    Hi Guys, Sometimes things take a little longer, Through my research concerning H.Q. 29th Atmoured Brigade Im in contact with severa Relations of some of the old members of the H.Q. at MOLDENIT Germany 1945.Not long ago I received an Phoncall from UK , and it was a Neece of George Francis. She was so kind to send me Photo. George is on the right.(smart looking Lad. Hope this is from interest to some of you. I have received Photos from O Connor, , Alsbury,-Garford,- Gray,-Greenhow,-Sgt. Kershaw now 97 still going strong,-Ladbrook,-Ray,-Shephard,- . With best regards from Germany Rendsburg, Heinz Johannsen 0049 4331 448855

    über dem bild


    unter dem bild
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    Hi this is a list of nearly all lads from MOLDENIT

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    Hallo Mr. Neil Turner I would like to have the War Dairys of the 29th H.Q from Hamburg - North ending in Moldenit. Can I buy them of you ? Payment in advance no problem.. Regards "Little Jimmy" Heinz Johannsen. Have you seen Photo of Francis ??
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    Hi to all,

    I had an interesting summer holiday in the USA and whilst visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at Dulles airport I met Wolfgang W.E. Samuel, Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Retired) at a book signing.

    He was a very affable and interesting person who talked to me at length about some of the places I’ve lived whilst working for the MOD out in Germany.

    I ended up buying his autobiography ‘German Boy’ and whilst it doesn’t directly relate to events concerning the 29th Armoured Brigade, it brings to life being a child at the end of and directly after WWII.

    I would recommend everyone to read this captivating account of the horrors and stark realities of war for those least able to understand why it has happened to them or their country.

    Wolfgang W E Samuel.jpg
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    I'm off to visit Moldenit near to Schleswig over the Easter holiday to hopefully obtain a better understanding of the area and relate it to some of the photos Little Jimmy has provided.

    Anybody got any suggestions about particular things I should visit?

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    I make it:

    5 times/examples received - september 10th, 1940
    Distributed: Btl. (Batallion), 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th kp (Kompanie); each 1 time/example= 5 times/examples
    f.d.R (für die Richtigkeit/responsible) - gez. (gezeichnet/signed) Ruederer
    signature reads maybe as: Rohwedder (? - I would agree)
    Lt. (Lieutenant) u. (und/and) Btl. (Battalions) Adj. (Adjut/dant)

    The stamp with the eagle seems to say II. (? would be 2nd battalion) Infanteriergt. (infantry regiment) ??

    All the best

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    I need to thank Heinz Johannsen (Little Jimmy) and Jochen (JoKloster) for a great time visiting Schleswig and Moldenit over the Easter holiday. Much was learnt and information taken away.

    I have at long last found a picture of my father during his army days and hope eventually to find some more.

    Jochen has alerted me to the merits of flickr as a source of information and to that end I've set up an account called 'petroljerker' and uploaded my father's autograph book. I have found pictures from Vic Ellis of the 29th Armoured Brigade by searching 'HQ Squadron 29th Armoured Brigade' and his entry in my father's book on page 83.

    I made contact through the British Legion (at Heinz's suggestion) with one of my father's former colleague's Geoff Pulzer, who will be 91 this summer.

    He was able to look through his HQ Squadron 29th Armoured Brigade Autograph book and pick out my father's comments:

    From a "Jarred off jeep jerker"
    Wishing you the best of luck.
    D. S. Turner,
    Green Croft,
    Burn Bridge,

    It just goes to show that if you keep looking things will turn up eventually... now where's that rainbow?

    Regards to all

    Neil Turner

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