HQ 50th Infantry Division in Norway 1945 .

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    Following research into a DLI Soldier who was awarded a Certificate from the Norwegians for the Liberation of Norway on 8th May 1945 and after consultation with Jim ( Verrieres ) it seems that in August 1945 the British 50th Division`s headquarters was sent to Norway and converted into H.Q. British Land Forces Norway for the latter stages of Operation Doomsday.

    Does anyone have any further information / knowledge regarding this deployment and what the criteria was for the certificate was issued to all those who were involved in Norways liberation ?


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    The IWM have quite a few `Liberation Certificates but I cannot find a date range for their issue. They do state that in August 1945 50th Divisional HQ ceased to command its own formations and units when it moved, with some Divisional troops, to Norway as HQ British Land Forces Norway.
    Doomsday I think was the Airborne element of the liberation Start date: 9 May 1945-End date: 31 July 1945. Apostle I think was the original codeword/operation[?]

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