ICM Models 1/35th scale Leyland Retriever

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    Attached is a couple of photos of my attempt at the ICM 3 ton GS Leyland Retriever. The kit was quite strait forward with hardly any fit issues the only main issue was having to lower the floor of the body and the tailgate accordingly. The markings are made up from the spares box and represents a Retriever from 15th Scottish Division seen in an IWM film "Scenes in the Odon Battlefield Following Operation Epsom (pt 11), attached courtesy IWM. The two standing figures are L-R from Bronco and Gecko Models, the the Triumph and DR are from Bronco Models. Hopefully ICM will release a Gantry version at a later date but with a little bit more research on the subject first.

    Thanks to Pete Ashby from HMVF IMG_1968.JPG IMG_1976 (2).JPG IMG_1987 (2).JPG IMG_1988 (2).JPG IMG_1989 (2).JPG IMG_1990 (2).JPG IMG_1992 (2).JPG IMG_1993 (2).JPG Screenshot 2022-02-22 16.43.05.png for the helpful photos he sent me, he is also restoring a Gantry version Retriever.


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