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    Hi a friend has asked where he would get information on his grandfather who served in the merchant navy from 1944 onwards? He does not have much info only mate and date of birth.
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    I am sure if you put his name and other details on this thread our MN experts will try to assist.
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    Just trying to get them as I type thanks
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    1) Stanley Henry Lane dob: 4.4.26
    pob:Hackney, London Died: 3.11.92

    2) John Galloway Noble dob: 28.9.33 pob: Edinbugh Died: 6.8.93

    Both served Merchant Navy but details of service n/k 1)
    1) Lane served during WW2 and 2) Noble served on Christmas Island during the Atom/ Hydrogen bomb testing.
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    Very little online for them.

    There is a Seaman's Pouch for John Galloway Noble held at TNA Kew in piece BT 372/1926/124 the pouch is not his service record but it is still very much worth getting. It is a kind of safety deposit box for documents some have a lot of information, others very little but there may be an ID photo in there. To obtain his service record called a CRS 10, it really depends on when he left the service - prior to about 1965 then look at Series I but later than that it would be Series II so I will give you both possibilities - Series I - BT 382/1327 Series II - BT 382/2750

    No pouch for S.H. Lane so you will need to go for his service record (CRS 10) Series I - should be held at TNA Kew in piece BT 382/976 and Series II in - BT 382/2567

    It would be best to obtain all the files by visit to Kew or via a researcher as it could be expensive to obtain them online via their research service.
    Any questions please feel free.

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    Hugh that’s great thanks you for all the Info

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