Info on 11th Armoured Division in Lubeck - Attitude towards Germans

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    I am currently researching into the capture of Lubeck by the 11th Armoured division and most accounts seem to skirt over it as it appears nothing of particular note happened. I have read the Germans gave up with little resistance and surrendered in droves to the British but detailed accounts seem thin on the ground so far.

    I am writing a novel and wanted to include a British soldier attacking a German prisoner in a rage (his motivation, among other things, being what he witnessed liberating Belsen concentration camp). He is called off by an officer and cautioned. I did not want to include this in the book if no such incidences occurred as this section would very much relate to a specific division of the British army and I would not wish to write something untrue for the sake of drama, especially should it ever be published.

    I was wondering if anyone could provide me with an answer to this; mainly if there was any harassment or gestures of ill will towards the Germans (civilian or military) and if anyone had any interesting bits of info about the capture of the city.

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