Info on 295 Sqd Halifax - 22/8/43

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    Hi there,

    I am looking for information regarding Squadron 295.

    Unfortunately the plane crash landed in at Sale in French Morocco and caught fire on 22nd August 1943 killing 4 of the 5 crew. Most of the crew were probably buried in Casablanca.

    Edward Frank Jarrett - Age 21 - Number: 1312041 - Sergeant
    Irwin James Clark - Age 27 - Number: 130288 - Flight Sergeant
    Gordon Cecil Rolls - Age 25 - Number: 50659

    I am having difficulty finding information regarding the other 2 men aboard and also finding out the plane number. I know it was a Halifax but that's about it.

    Any information would be greatly received :)
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    The three men you have listed are buried in BEN M'SIK EUROPEAN CEMETERY The others maybe on the Runnymede Memorial. Someone will be along soon to shed more light on the subject.

  3. Gage

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    I can't find any info in the Bomber Command War Diaries, so must belong to another arm.
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    From some old notes of mine from the TNA

    The aircraft was Halifax DG393 and the missing casualty was the Pilot F/O R A Charter who died from his injuries on the 29th Aug.

    Clark should have a R/ in front of his service number as he was RCAF

  5. Gage

    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek

  6. Gems4238

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    That's a great help thank you - if anyone else can shed any light regarding my great uncle Edward it would be great :)
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    This was a Halifax Mark V and may have been on detachment from 1 May 1943 from its Coastal Command base at Holmsley South to Goubrine 11 (south of Sousse on the coast in Tunisia.)

    There must have been a main airfield in the area by the name of Goubrine Main. The squadron detachment is recorded as having returned to the new base of Hurn by the end of June 1943.
  8. RAFCommands

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    No.295 Sqn was not part of Coastal Command but one of the No.38 Group Glider towing units.

    The Halifax had just taken off towing a glider to a forward base when an engine caught fire, The glider cast off but the Tug crashed.

    Prior to this aircraft of the squadron had just taken part in Operation Turkey Buzzard/Beggar

    Operation Turkey Buzzard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. Harry Ree

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    Thanks for the correction.I have always associated Homlsley with C.C although in this case I did think the Halifax crew complement appeared low for C.C duties.

    I see No 295 Squadron used Holmsley for converting to Halifax Vs from Whitley Vs and for glider towing duties using the new aircraft.Apparently the squadron put up 36 aircraft for glider towing during the Sicily invasion.There were a number of accidents during the training at Holmsley as the squadron worked up in its new role.
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    I knew about Operation Beggar but didn't know how to find information about it - so thank you for the link :)

    I know 1 person survived but again I don't have any other details
  11. Gems4238

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    Does anyone know who the 5th member of the Crew was as I cannot find the details anywhere

    Thank you
  12. Buteman

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    I looked at the Ops Record Book for 295 Squadron and at first could not find an entry for 22 August 1943, relating to the operation in which the 4 men mentioned were killed. I then looked at earlier dates and discovered they were on a 2 part sortie and this is recorded in the ORB. 6 men actually took part on this sortie.

    19 August 1943

    Aircraft type & number
    Halifax DG 393

    F/O Charter R.A. - 111942
    Sgt Clark, I.J. ( 2nd P) - 130288
    F/O. Rolls G.C (Nav) - 50659
    Sgt Jarrett, E.F. (Wop/A.G) - 1312041
    F/Sgt Robinson, R (A.G) - 1127501
    Sgt Tomlinson (Eng) - 1677455


    To Portreath
    11-50 B.S.T.

    Details of Sortie or Flight

    Proceeding to O.A.D.U. pending overseas ferry with Glider to SALE.
    Left Portreath 0724 BST with HORSA LG 895, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Briggs, Sgt Hutton
    Aircraft crashed at SALE killing F/O Rolls, Sgt Jarrett, Sgt Clarke. 22/8/43

    We know from CWGC records that F/O Charter died on 28/8/1943, but there is no mention of F/Sgt Robinson or Sgt Tomlinson. They are not listed as deaths on CWGC. Whether they were on the second fateful part of the sortie and escaped with their lives in the crash is not recorded.

    Copy of the ORB page below:-

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    Oh man, I know this post is old. Everything stays on the internet forever.

    I am conducting research regarding 295 Sqn. Halifax DK 131.Was last seen leaving Algeria after a fuel stop.
    Having completed a sortie from Sicily earlier that day
    This was in and around 19 July 1943. The aircraft was reported as missing. Was never seen again.

    Thank you for any help. As I am in Canada and our National War Museum does not contain records from RAF units. Although many RCAF members served in them.
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    Theres a number of pages and threads on forums that mention Halifax DK131... i presume you found all those.

    Any Canadian crew members service file is available to you on

    What information are you hoping to learn?
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    Theres a second thread also discussing this aircraft

    295 Sqn RAF
  17. Pete661

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  18. Pete661

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    I have found some of them.
    I have his service records which tells a large part of the story. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    I am looking for information on F/S Robert Cowley. I was looking for pictures of the aircraft or pictures of him with the aircraft. Or the crew.
    Typically, flight crews had pictures with their aircraft.
    Like all soldiers and airmen! We all have team/unit photos some where :)

    As well, I would like to know what happened to the aircraft. Was it shot down? Was it lost due to weather?

    thank you very much!

    I was putting the information together for the family.
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    Thank you for this link!
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    Post removed, David provided answer in following posts, no mystery.
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