Interesting Churchill Tank Markings

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    Photo from Library and Archives Canada, showing a Churchill tank, and the interesting markings on front left, I believe is probably the names of the crew, BUTCH, LOUIE, HANK, PUG, SLATS, WILIE

    Date: Approx 6 Aug 1944


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    That's a Churchill AVRE, to be more specific.
  3. AoS looks like 1233 (5 Aslt Regt RE), but this AVRE probably did not participate in D Day, because it shows none of the various impedimenta carried by D Day AVsRE. Therefore most likely a replacement or LOB tank.

    The six nicknames must be those of the crew.
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    Lots of tanks on those pages in Album 77

    76(100) Aug 7th kk.jpg 76(101)Aug 6th k.jpg 76(100) Aug 7th bb.jpg 77(6) Aug 7th v.jpg

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    Crabs as well:

    77(5) Aug 7th cf.jpg 77(5) Aug 7th n.jpg

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