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  1. Tullybrone

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    Do you mean a personal diary?

    I very much doubt that if he did (it would have been very very dangerous and his captors would not have treated him well had they found it) so that it could get from the Far East to Red Cross Archives in Switzerland.

  2. Emma Squibb

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    Yeah, it was just I’d seen what I thought were diaries online from other people in the camp where he was who survived, but I guess they could have been accounts of what happened after they’d left.

    Thanks :)
  3. amberdog45

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    Did you get a positive response from Germany, using that address? Curious whether they would hold WW1 records on German citizens held on the Isle of Man.

  4. Incredibledisc

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    They did reply but they had no extra info. Reply pasted below - it was in German so I had to run it through google translate first.

    Dear Mr. Robertson,

    In reply to your question of 30.07.2017, I inform you that the files in our office about former British prisoners of war in German custody were confiscated in April 1945 and taken over by a commission of Allied officers.

    You are to the best of our knowledge today

    Ministry of Defense
    Bourne Avenue
    Hayes / Middlesex UB3 1RF

    Unfortunately, our office has at its disposal only wartime reports on wartime foreign prisoners of war, sent to them after the war and sent by dissolved departments or otherwise received.

    These are around 1,500,000 index cards, sorted alphabetically by nation and name - not camps, locations, or POW ID numbers.

    However, after reviewing these documents, no record could be made of your great-grandfather John Conway.

    I regret not being able to assist you in this matter.

    Best regards
    On behalf
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  5. amberdog45

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    Thanks for the update. Will give it a try. I've applied to International Red Cross again today as they told me there was more info on him when the WW2 records were dealt with.

    The website is now open to new queries. Just to remind those needing to apply.
  6. Emma Squibb

    Emma Squibb Well-Known Member

    Re did when I got towork so it was sent back as a pdf incase they were fussy. Fingers crossed they can find some stuff :)
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  7. Incredibledisc

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    I’d be curious to see what additional info you might turn up. I was under the impression the materials they sent (capture card and list of camps) was pretty much it.

    My holy grail is the personnel karte- I tried the National Archives via a FOI request but they couldn’t locate it in the box where it should have been. Either it was lost/destroyed or it’s been misfiled. Today I sent off a request to the MOD to see if he was eligible for the Territorial Efficiency medal - he joined TA in 1936 and wasn’t demobbed until February 1946. The qualifying period was 12 years but war service counted double.
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  8. amberdog45

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    Aye, I'll keep you posted. I'll try also to get a letter off to Germany. Leave no stone unturned.

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  9. Emma Squibb

    Emma Squibb Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard anything yet? I’ve not had anything yet :(
  10. vac

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    Advice sought please -- Today Sept 17 2018 the Red Cross service opened for WW2 enquiries. At 10 am quarterly limit reached!!!!! Is this source of information worth pursuing? (Clearly need to be up at midnight Geneva time). I have my father's service no, POW no, the camp and work parties, and from his liberation questionnaire know that he had a period of illness. Will the Red Cross info tell me any more? I would also like to try and get info on a Russian prisoner. My father had a small photo of this man with a very warm message on the reverse (In Russian recently translated). Obviously they were good companions at one point. It bears his name but have read that the Germans did not record the names of Russian prisoners.

    So from ICRC will I get any more info on Father? Any likelihood of finding out more about the Russian Marat Zaicev?
  11. Tullybrone

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    That’s the quickest closure time’s usually 48/72 hours and I’ve seen the window open previously mid’s either due to lack of staff or more requests being made - probably a combination of both factors.

    In my experience the ICRC confirms (can add more) information on the Lib Questionnaire - my father recorded accurate dates of his movements which were confirmed by ICRC but another relatives Questionnaire listed camps but no dates so ICRC information was valuable. ICRC don’t provide work party information only main camp (Stalag) details.

    You ought to receive at least one copy postcard sent by the detainee.

    Sorry can’t help re Soviet information.

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  12. vac

    vac Member

    Hi Steve,
    That's useful information for future reference. Thank-you.

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