Is this a service record number?

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    Hi all,

    I haven't done anything in pursuing information on my merchant marine grandfather (on my mother's side) but my dad wondered about HIS father on the weekend so I thought maybe I'd really try to get the ball rolling on his father.

    His father - my paternal grandfather - was Donald Alan Camfield. Reportedly he started out in the Tank Corps and was being trained as a driver but when something about his education came to light (he had been at Oxford studying German) he went through officer training for Intelligence and worked at Bletchley Park in translation, and my father said he was acting as Major at war's end.

    My father just found this in the London Gazette records:

    "INTELLIGENCE CORPS.The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts.,25th Oct. 1941: ? Donald Alan CAMFIELD (214512).Alan Norman PHILLIPS (214516).R.W. Fus.Denis Harcourt EDMONDS (214061).John Shaw Scotlands…"

    So would 214512 have been his service number? Is that all I need to request his service record?
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    That is his number yes.
    Officers had a set of numbers to themselves unlike Other Ranks whose number was in a block allocated to a particular Regiment or Corps.
    See the thread on ''Army Number Blocks.''
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    Some information on his teaching career:

    Teachers Registration Council
    Name: Camfield, Donald Alan
    Date of Registration: 1st March 1938
    Register No: 93451
    Professional Address: Emanuel School, Wandsworth Common SW11
    BA (Final Honour School of Modern Languages), Oxford
    University of Oxford Diploma in Education (Distinction)
    Training in Teaching: University of Oxford, Education Department
    Experience: Assistant Master (French and German), Emanuel School, Wandsworth Common SW11, 1936 -
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    Thanks guys!! :)

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