Italian POW Camp PG29 @ Veano: two escape and join the Partisans

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    Earlier today I came across this book when looking for the author, Stuart Hullis who had appeared recently here on a very different subject. The book is: 'Captain Courageous', available in hard copy and Kindle. It appears to have been published in 2014.

    The summary on Amazon states:

    There are a few threads on PG29 or Veano:

    1) Only one very short thread on PG29 in 2016: Operation SIMCOL - POW/Paratroopers Italy 1943
    2) A longer thread from 2014: Partisan group of Nicola Prospero.
    3) A short thread 2018-2022 on an officer held in the camp, who escaped: 13054 Lt.Col. George Hew FANSHAWE, The Queen's Bays, 2i/c 3rd Armoured Brigade 1942
    4) A 2022 stand alone post thread on those who escaped to Switzerland: PG 29 Veano - list of prisoners
    5) A short thread 2007-2021 on those who escaped to Switzerland: WW2 Escapers and Evaders Switzerland

    Vitellino requested a new thread be started, so here it is; the earlier post has been deleted.

    That is all from me, yet another discovery whilst looking for something else.
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    Thank you for this thread. A lot of people will find it useful.

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