James H Friberg, 2nd batt Durham Light Infantry, BEF, 1940

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  1. pennywell

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    hi My father was called up was in reserve ex regular sent to France 2nd batt ,captured 5 years P.O.W..
    his name James Friberg.
    Anybody have relations served with him ?cheers pennywell.
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Is this him? just trying to make sure we have the right person

    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: J Friberg Harson
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 4447463
    Regiment: Durham Light Infantry
    POW Number: 11367
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 344
    Camp Location: Lambinowice, Poland
    Record Office: Infantry and Army Educational Corps Record Office, York
    Record Office Number: 20

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  3. pennywell

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  4. pennywell

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    hi Tricky Dicky. just signed in . dead right with info.Had a hard time P.O.W. by all accounts.
    Was on death march from Poland Told me a couple of things what happened in 5 years.
    General Patton 3rd army released him.cheers pennywell.
  5. Tricky Dicky

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    You may want to clear up his name - I have found it a little confusing, - is Harson a middle name or part of a double barrel surname??

    Also if you use the site search facility there are many threads on what was also known a The Long March, added to that there are quite a number of books on the subject, your relative may be mentioned in any of them, and there is the possibility of 'veteran associations' etc

    Time for you to be proactive if you want to be

    There are also many web sites that record what happened in the POW camp(s) as well that again may have 'associations' for veterans

  6. Tony56

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    First reported missing on Casualty List No. 239 dated 24 June 1940, later reported as POW.

    WO 392/1
    Camp No: 8A (Gorlitz)
    POW No: 11367
    Name: Friberg J Harson
    Rank: Pte
    Army No: 4447463
    Regt: DLI
    RO No: 20

    WO 392/11
    Camp No: 344
    POW No: 11367
    Name: Friberg J Harson
    Rank: Pte
    Army No: 4447463
    Regt: DLI
    RO No: 20
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  7. Mr Jinks

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    Hi Pennywell,

    I was going to forward your dads details to a former member here who runs the DLI Website his uncle served in the Sudan with 2 DLI but rejoined 1st DLI in 1937-38 (about the time your Dad returned to the UK for discharge to the reserve) He was unfortunately killed later in the war with 6 DLI in Normandy ? Anyway when I checked he already has your Dad listed in two sections his `Dyle to Dunkirk` and `Behind the Wire` ? The behind the wire section has a newspaper photograph of him too? The `Dyle to Dunkirk` section in particular is exclusively 2 DLI so your Dads comrades are amongst those whose stories are told there.

    Harson ? maybe Hansen ?

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  8. travers1940

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    Looking at a couple of ancestry public member trees he was James Hansen FRIBERG, a descendent of Peter Hansen Friberg, a merchant seaman who was born in Denmark in 1840.
  9. Guy Hudson

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    Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 17.19.42.png
    Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 17.19.29.png
    Sunderland Echo 29th June 1940

    Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 17.20.27.png
    Sunderland Echo 21st March 1942
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  10. Tullybrone

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you haven’t got any of his army papers - such as as his Army Form 108B “Red Book” issued on discharge to regular soldiers - that will list his various postings you might want to apply to U.K. MOD for a copy of his service records via this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

    It will have very little about his time as POW but you can apply to Red Cross in Switzerland in September for copies of any POW records that they hold about him - via this link

    Requests for information about people held during Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    It’s a free service and it takes about 4 months to get a reply from them. You need to be quick off the mark on 23rd September and check the site about 8am BST for the online application from that should be visible by then. If not check the site every 30 minutes until you see it. From past experience the site will close for new applications by noon 23rd September due to limited resources to process applications.

    You will receive full details of the main camps where he was detained but no detail of any work camps. They usually provide a copy of the soldiers “capture card” - the first post card home written by the soldier post capture.It well worth the time taken to apply.

    You can also make enquiries with U.K. National Archives to see if he completed a post liberation questionnaire on his arrival back in England - not all returning POW’s did so. Another option is a search for a copy of his German POW central Index Card - German records seized in 1945 - and only recently made accessible via UK National Archives.

  11. pennywell

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    hi Tricky .dicky dead right
  12. pennywell

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    Hi Kile.His second name was Hanson.Thanks for your help.he passed away march 1996 Sunderland.
    I live in West Australia .I met some of his old army mates 1985 when on holiday. had being in India with him .
    he said Neville chamberlain had to lot to answer for army was last on list for new weapons etc.
    cheers pennywell.
  13. pennywell

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  14. pennywell

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    hi guys.Thanks for your help Family tree correct came from bolhorm Denmark .also thanks for photos and details from
    sunderland echo.I live in West Australia.cheers pennywell.
  15. pennywell

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    Hi Kyle,Have not on internet for a bit .Is the ;;DYLE TO DUNKIRK ;; book around now. Live in Australia .Fathers second name was Hansen.Would like to get hold of book see what happened to him in Belgium .cheers pennywell.
  16. Mr Jinks

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    Hello Pennywell.

    Its not a book ,its online and free to everyone the `blue writing` was a link to it . Full link here :)

    2 DLI Dyle to Dunkirk

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  17. pennywell

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    Hi Mr Jinks,Thanks for your help.38c in Perth,40 tomorrow.cheers Pennywell.

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