Japanese POW camp identification numbers

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    Where it says 'former camp' there is just a letter and four-number code...any idea how to decode them??
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    Simon, I stand to be corrected by anyone with more expertise, but this is what I believe to be the case.
    'Former camp' does not actually identify a camp, it merely is the prisoner number that he previously had. The Japanese were forever issuing new numbers, both to POWs and also to their camp numbers, depending on what administration the POWs came under.
    Using your above list, the second name, Walls, John Joseph, his Index Card shows the purple symbols for Malai camps crossed through, and the new purple symbol for Thailand camps. His various POW numbers are also crossed through as he moves from Malai admin. to Thai admin, but they do not identify which camps.
    The 17/11/12 merely identifies he moved to Thai on 12th November 1942.
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    Thank you Enigma - that's really clear. I am very humbled by the reading I've done so far in this subject - very humbled indeed...
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    Enigma 1003. Entirely agree with your answer.


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