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    Jon popped up on Twitter wanting to share pictures from this fine album (via his Grandfather's cousin) of RRs, Lanchesters, Pith helmets etc.
    I suggested they might go down quite well here, so he's kindly encouraged the sharing, and says will join with more later.

    Personally, I think they're crackers:

    Jon 2.jpg


    Jon 4.jpg

    Jon 5.jpg

    Jon 6.jpg
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    Sadly Bovington's vehicle info pages seem to be a bit of a mess at the moment.
    Hopefully just some work going on.

    Looking on the Mushroom lists, HMAC Bisley is listed so:
    Plainly not an RR here, so that's one question possibly answered... Though I don't know how much names were re-used.

    Kevin says he spotted a Bisley name on the Pith thread, but the photo seems to have disappeared:
    Armoured Cars, Tanks, Other Vehicles... & Pith Helmets.
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    Looking in Fletcher's 'Mechanised Force'.
    p.103 This looks suspiciously like Bisley under a magnifying glass:

    "A few of the big Lanchester armoured cars were supplied for troop evaluation, the five six-wheeled Crossleys arrived too, in 1933" Which might explain the album miss-name.

    They were not apparently popular. 11th Hussars said to have eventually garaged & ignored.

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