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    I am looking for veterans accounts and other information regarding the 1 KOSB circa 1952. We will be representing them for a Korean War event in the US June 2022. So May-July would be the key interest, however any and all information regarding their time in Korea will be helpful.

    We have the photos from the IWM and the 1COM Div and 28 Brigade war diaries from the AWM. I have an inquiry in with the KOSB museum for the 1 KOSB diary.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi Chris -- have you gotten results in your search? I can only offer a copy of the December 1951 'Borderers Chronicle' if it would be of use to you. I will post the link once I upload it.

    Did you get war diaries? Anything else from the museum?

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    Unfortunately nothing new on any front. I would be most grateful for those documents you listed.

    Thank You

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