Korea and the UN 2010

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    Well, if we want to discuss the quality of the North.....

    The Iraqi's didn't live in the ideological vacuum that the North does.

    The NK army hasnt been tested in 60 years.
    They will still use the old idea of massing numbers, and going for a swift victory.

    The statement of having the 4th largest armed forces was for information
    to the thread. I dont beleive I ever said I was confident that they could win.
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    I don't think NK lives in an ideologicla vacuum, I was always aware of their Self Reliance 'spirit', or at least the officialdom does. Linkie

    The Juche Idea itself gradually emerged as a systematic ideological doctrine under the political pressures of the Sino-Soviet split in the 1960s. The word "Juche" also began to appear in untranslated form in English-language North Korean works from around 1965. Kim Il-sung outlined the three fundamental principles of Juche in his April 14, 1965, speech “On Socialist Construction and the South Korean Revolution in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”:

    • "independence in politics" (chaju)
    • "self-sustenance in the economy" (charip)
    • "self-defense in national defense" (chawi).

    One more linkie.

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