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    Korean War veterans' delight as work begins on memorial for 'forgotten war'

    [​IMG]Long awaited: Prince William with a model of the Korean War monument

    Veterans of the Korean War have welcomed the start of work on the first major memorial to the 1,139 British servicemen who died in the conflict.

    The memorial on Victoria Embankment Gardens is being paid for by the South Korean government in gratitude for the contribution of British soldiers during the three-year conflict.
    Prince William unveiled a scale model of the monument yesterday at a ceremony attended by 50 veterans. The memorial will be a five metre-tall bronze statue of a British soldier by sculptor Philip Jackson. It will have a smartphone code providing access to websites with information about the war.
    Alan Guy MBE, 81, of the British Korean Veterans Association, said: “We’re the only country that served in the Korean War that doesn’t have an accessible memorial in their capital city.
    “The Korean War is often called the ‘forgotten war’. When this memorial is erected, it won’t be known as that anymore.”
    South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who is on a three-day visit to Britain, broke the turf to mark the site where the memorial will be erected. Work will be completed by the end of summer.
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  2. Owen

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    I like that alot.
    The figure reminds me of those done by Charles Sargeant Jagger
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    I'm a tiny tad suss of the sheer volume of new memorials, but this one's good news, and entirely justified.
    Nice 50s sort of shape too.
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    I like it, simple but poignant.
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    Agree - the Hoylake war memorial near me has a figure called 'Wipers; I believe - I'll look out some pictures - remarkably similar at a first glance.
  6. Owen

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  7. Capt Bill

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    at long last a fitting permanent tribute to those who fought in a 'forgotten war'

    lest we forget
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    'Wipers' Maquette by Charles Sargent Jagger, model for Hoylake War Memorial. © IWM (Art.IWM ART 6484)

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