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    I suspect the answer will be in the unit diary but I was intrigued by the nature of the citation and wondered if anyone could help shed some light on what he was doing?

    Looking at the date of the citation (Aug 44) and the unit location I suspect it would have been pre-invasion stuff he was doing-Any thoughts?

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    Thanks Lesley, nice pic - It's Ashford Mx, Middlesex though rather than the one in Kent.

    I have a feeling he was modifying vehicles/AFVs in some way before the invasion. Waterproofing, Hobart's Funnies maybe ?
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    I've not found anything specific to Ashford (either of 'em), but the REME staff history summarises the pre-D-Day tasks as:

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    Found this in the REME book. It isn't much but it gives some background.



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    Many thanks :)

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