Lost samurai swords

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by Bob Turner, Dec 1, 2012.

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    I understand that these comments are from approx. 1 year ago but I pray it's not too late:
    1- what ever yoou do DO NOT TOUCH THE BLADE WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!!
    2- if you do touch it, use a VERY SOFT, repeat, VERY SOFTcloth and wipe the blade gently!!!!
    3- use clove oil (2 or 3 drops) on a piece of rice paper and drag it along the blade on both sides and the spine
    4- FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT NOT NOT use linseed oil or anything else but clove oil!!!!
    5- place the blade back in the scabbered without touchin the sides or the spine against the scabbered.
    6- if the owner lives near salt water, repeat this cleaning once every 4 months.
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    Re keeping such swords in tip top condition, my fathers war souvenir was kept by him with vaselene smeared over the blade. He left me the sword and I have never added any other coatings.I check it from time to time and it has never deteriorated, even though I do live near the sea. I think because it was looked after right from the time he took it from the Sungei Patani surrender in Malaya it is as good as new.
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    I notice that your friend Dave has two Japanese swords.

    Was the second smaller sword also standard issue?

    My Uncle collected such a sword at the Japanese Surrender at Singapore but a lot prettier than your mate Dave's.

    Just wondering if my cousin is in possession of something valuable.
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    I thought they were supposed to be the toughtest steel in the history of the universe.

    Nothing but clove oil, with four exclaimation points?
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    I know where half a dozen are l am afraid. My uncle's Mother would not have them in the house after he came home from overseas so they were thrown in the River Ouse in Barlby. A very sad end to such heritage.

    My Uncles name is Goldy B. More. :biggrin:

    Before everyone goes looking for their Dad's scuba gear, the first part of the story l am afraid is true but the name is not and l suspect it will take more than clove oil to revive them. A sad story that l can only hope meant the destruction of a few mass produced blades.


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