Magister V1023 21st August 1941

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    HARROW, William George Age 19

    Died 21.08.41

    Died in crash of RAF Magister V1023 of 15 EFTS at Kirkhampton, Cumberland

    RAF pilot was Frank Henry Oakey who is commemorated by CWGC.

    I am struggling to find anything official which says HARROW was in the crash as a civilian engineer. His DC says he died in an air crash but does not mention RAF (though civilian flights at that time were 99% banned).

    I have several hearsay mentions on the internet but nothing official to say V1023 crashed on that date with a civilian passenger so cannot tie the two together.

    If anyone can give any pointers I would be very grateful.

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    Hi Chris,

    A glimmer of hope in the fog of internet hearsay - Form 1180 states two fatalities - 1 non RAF

    RAFAHB have probably sent casualty file to TNA for release soon so possible that enquiry to Northolt may result in "files out of our hands reply"


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    Cheers Ross - we will have to wait until we can get to TNA to prove this case

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