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    As part of my research into RAF Helensburgh during WW 11, I came across the name of John Muir, Station Barrack Warden, RAF Helensburgh. In July 1941 he received a letter, or telegram, that his namesake son John Muir had died at an address given as Posen Poland Stalag XX1D. 'Actual date and cause of death unknown.' John jnr joined the Seaforth Highlands as his father had done in the previous war. The Seafoths fought on after Dunkirk under French General Ihler who then surrendered. All I know is that Private John Muir and his comrades were then forced marched to pow camps in Poland. While it is not essential to my research into RAF Helensburgh,( the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment), I would like to know how Private John Muir met his fate? I wonder if any members of the forum have any ideas? I wonder if his parents at West Clyde Street, Helensburgh, ever found out how their son met his fate? Ironically, there is a new leisure walk from Helensburgh in the name of John Muir, not in memory of our soldier boy but Dunbar born John Muir, who emigrated to America in 1849 to become famous as a conservationist. robin bird
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    Thanks Rich.
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    The other source of information might be the Protecting Power which was Switzerland...... deaths of POWs were usually channelled through the organisation although some information was misleading as the information on the deaths of the Stalag Luft 111 fifty...."shot while trying to escape".It was left to the British to question the accuracy of the information.

    Another source of information relating to the fate of POWs might be the International Red Cross,Geneva who also tended to handle such information.

    There also was follow up information on POW fates postwar and it was not uncommon to the NOK being notified of the outcome of any such investigation,especially if there was some doubt regarding the legality of death.
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    Thank you gentlemen for your interest and Tricky Dicky for the photo link. I can include Pte Muir in my MAEE story-and get an obit in his home town of Helensburgh, lest we forget. Is it usual for a private to have such a funeral in a pow camp?

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