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    Can anyone please help with details of an accident that occurred on 19th August 1942 involving a Miles Master trainer serial no T7433 flying out of 58 OTU at RAF Grangemouth. The Instructor was Bronislaw Malinowski and the pupil was Stanislaw Goralski. I believe that both men were injured and I know that the instructor went on to fly fighters but what became of the pupil. A man named Stanislaw Goralski was later listed as a pilot with 304 Bomber Squadron but I can find no mention of him in the ORBs as flying any sorties. Did he retrain in another trade or was he invalided out? Many thanks
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    On 19 August 1942 he was injured in an accident of Miles Master I T7433 (also the pupil pilot Sgt Stanislaw Góralski was injured)
    Goralski, Marian Stanislaw (known as Marian
    Stanislaw Goralski); Poland; Motor Car Fitter;
    12, Crescent (Road, East Grinstead, Sussex. 29
    April, 1954

    This might be him but need more details:
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Stanislaw Boleslaw Goralski
    Death Age: 80
    Birth Date: 13 Sep 1916
    Registration Date: Aug 1997
    Registration district: Hull
    Inferred County: East Riding of Yorkshire
    Register Number: D52A
    District and Subdistrict: 5501D

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Violet W Fleming
    Registration Date: Oct-Nov-Dec 1944
    Registration district: Wallasey
    Inferred County: Cheshire
    Spouse: Stanislaw Goralski
    Volume Number: 8a
    Page Number: 1254

    UK, Electoral Registers, 2003-2010
    Name: MS Violet W Goralski
    Residence Date: 2003-2004
    Address: 2, Shelford Avenue, Howden, DN14 7HY
    Residence Place: Goole, Yorkshire, England

    Without more details you start finding wrong tracks such as
    Stanislaw Goralski
    Birth: May 15 1920 (15 May 1920) - Poland
    Death: Oct 21 1942 (21 Oct 1942) - Dzialdowo, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland

    Stanislaw Goralski
    Birth: 1920 - Purgalki, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland
    Death: 1941 - Purgalki, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland

    Stanislaw Boleslaw Goralski
    Birth: 13/09/1916 (13 Sep 1916) - Poland
    Death: 28/08/1997 (28 Aug 1997)
    Marriage: 07/10/1944 (10 Jul 1944) - Wallasey, Cheshire, England

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    Thank you very much - you have found him and his wife, so I now know that he survived and could be the man who went on to join 304 Squadron. That gives me the incentive to go on looking for him. If he was too badly hurt to go on as a pilot, he may well have become an admin person or ground crew.
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    Thank you CL1 but the first link is my own site! Unfortunately PISM is closed for the whole month of February every year so that will have to be delayed for another 4 weeks. Even their facebook page has very little to offer in this respect as it is mostly short films on all things connected with the Polish forces. In the meanwhile I will just have to keep on looking elsewhere!
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    Why don't you add your own website(s) in the "signature" footer (as CL1 has) so that in future people won't refer you back to yourself?
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    How do I do that?
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    Click on your own Name on top RHS of the page and it will reveal a drop down box with a tab for "signature" Open and then insert whatever details you want. Then you won't have people directing you to your own site!
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    Thanks Kevin,

    Done that! I live and learn!
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    Thanks Kevin,

    Done that! I live and learn!
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    It's Admin who allowed the signature box for not just signature but so others might see your interests, speciality etc
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    im his great grandson, I may be able to help you find the information you need. I’ve passed the information onto Stanislaws son.
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    I am the son of Stanislaw Goralski, the pilot in the crash on 19th August 1942. In your enquiry you gave some details I did not know, for which I am grateful, but I can supply more, from both before and after the accident.
    My father, like many people injured in the war, was reluctant to speak about painful memories, especially to his children, but I could see the lasting effects in terms of disability. Likewise my mother Violet, then a nursing auxiliary at Larbert Base Hospital, preferred to avoid recalling those days, so I did not press her to go through with me the many documents and photographs I knew she had kept when my father died in 1997. I inherited this material when my mother died in 2013.
    If I can be assured of the purposes for which anything I give may be used (and who is asking), I should be happy to share the information. Certainly I can send you a list of what I have. Apologies for seeming hesitant: I have not sent comments to an internet forum before.
    Mark Adams (Mark Goralski before 1971)
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    I am sure that archivist (on behalf of 304 (Polish) Squadron will treat any information with the utmost respect and caution.
    I have no doubt he'll be along soon to assure you himself.
    Having just had VE Day, perhaps I could add that this Country owes a huge debt to the people of Poland, many of whom fled the Nazi's through Europe and eventually arrived here to carry on the fight many miles from their homeland. :salut:
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    I have not heard any more about the enquiry and would like to know who "Well-Known Member" is, before I send anything. Apologies once again for my caution. I have compiled three Word files that may be of interest: a chronology listing over 100 relevant events in my father's life from 13.09.1916 to 11.01.1949, mainly in the RAF; a list of about 50 relevant items inherited from my father, mainly documents, from his birth certificate to his Identity Card of 1951; and a list of about 100 photos that show him, from the Polish air cadet of 1934 to the time of his demobilisation from the RAF in 1948, including a couple of him in hospital after the crash. Scans of the photos and documents could be done if wanted.
    Can anyone throw light on my recollection that the runway at Grangemouth was said to be short or otherwise inadequate, and that crashes there were not too uncommon or surprising?
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    The runway extension was completed just before the crash but Balado Bridge had also been operating as Satellite to reduce the congestion.

    The crash was during flapless landing training and Station Commander had the opinion that possibly the aircraft had approached with mixture too weak causing engine to cut when the throttle was opened by the instructor to try to avoid hitting the tree 100yards beyond the downwind perimeter of the aerodrome.

    Six accidents happened in August
    1 caught fire starting up
    1 during taxy
    1 overshot
    1 to a Lysander stalling in landing approach (Ballado Bridge)
    this Master one that hit the tree
    1 to a Lysander which suffered engine failure (Ballado Bridge).

    So not an excessive number of landing accidents at Grangemouth for an OTU (one Master and one Spit) in a month.

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