Missing gliders of Operation Tonga D-Day

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    I only have the French versions of Mold's and Troutt's accounts. In Troutt's two accounts the course of events differ. In his letter he and his pal Jock Trail encounter the glider in a high place (un endroit plus en hauteur) and then afterwards meets Mold and Jamieson. In his longer version (recit) he correctly remembers meeting up with the two medics before the glider's arrival and mentions crossing a field when it descends and lands very close by, so close they drop to the ground for fear of being struck. He learns later that it contained engineers which might suggest he was putting it all together the best he could post war.

    In what appears to be a letter written by Ernie Mold he says the following:

    "Nous avons rencontré l’équipage d’un autre planeur qui était tombé près de Grangues"

    I believe there is a longer version by Mold where he describes the actual landing of the glider which seems to align with what we see in the photo. So yes it does strike me as being CN84, but I guess we should be prepared to change our mind if contrary evidence turns up later.

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    look at this nice view of CN84:
    La Cour Bellevue with CN84.JPG the damaged port wing is visible

    and also the nice view of CN77 at St Evroult:
    St Evroult and CN77.JPG the glider is intact
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