Monastery gatehouse at Postel, Saturday September 23rd. 1944

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  1. 6th. Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers

    On September 23rd. 1944 the Fallschirmjäger opposing 6th. Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers withdrew, and 6th.RWF advanced to the west to occupy the hamlet of Postel. 6th.RWF took up position round the hamlet and during the night, the order came over the wireless, from Brigade, to continue their advance at first light in the morning. They had breakfast at about 04:00 hours, and moved off in transport. The first few miles of their advance were covered without incident and it was not until they were approaching the village of Reusel, their objective on the main Turnhout-Eindhoven road that 6th.RWF regained contact with the Germans. The Germans opened fire on the head of the Battalion, led by the carrier platoon. Although 6th.RWF did not know it then, these shots were the prelude to some very fierce fighting which was to continue for a number of days.

    1:35th scratch built building, Italeri - N°233 Chevrolet/Ford 15-CWT Truck. Figures from ESCI, Tamiya, MiniArt and Shapeways.

    Construction stages of the diorama Poortgebouw abdij Postel
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    I believe my grandfather Sgt George Wilson was in that action, he was platoon (or troop?) sergeant for A company 6bn. He was badly wounded with a shrapnel wound to the head but made it through war from NI to Normandy and Reusel. Think he was flown back to UK by air ambulance.
  3. The Battle of Reusel-second edition-.pdf
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  5. My pleasure (graag gedaan) Mike!

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