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    Re. Mysterious island(s) that can sometimes suddenly appear "out of nowhere" on some maps.... I was recently looking at this article on the BBC website: Spain urged not to allow refuelling of Russian warships - BBC News

    I was immediately struck by the really big island off the north coast of Morocco - and wondered why the British hadn't nabbed that at the same time as Gibraltar... (Looks to be the same colour as Spain???)


    At first I though it was Parsley island and hence basically just a rock / slew of rocks:

    Perejil Island - Wikipedia

    But this is pretty tiny and not really all that near to "there"

    Perejil Island - Wikipedia


    Perhaps the BBC have (re)discovered Atlantis and are about to make a big announcement? If so you heard it here first... :)

    Does smack a bit of the Sable/Sandy island (off Australia) though:

    Sandy Island, New Caledonia - Wikipedia

    Or does anyone else know more perhaps about this "mysterious" island off of Morocco???!

    And will the Russians perhaps refuel there instead ;)

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    Afraid you will have to join the queue, Atlantis found some time ago:

    I reckon the BBC map shows the area at low tide with a ‘bit’ of the ‘Camarinal Sill’ showing – elementary, my dear Watson!!

    Interestingly, the sill enhances the strong currents in the Straits, a feature that was used by German U boats to enter the Mediterranean silently, with their engines off, thus avoiding detection.

    Now that Spain has refused the refuelling request perhaps the same currents will help them coast to the next petrol station.
  3. Ramiles

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    I did see that pic:

    And it doesn't really correspond with the rather "crumb like" island

    ...emerging like a spear head pointing at the "Strait of Gibraltar" - might it even have been an old cursor arrow on a separate screen someone has "captured and mapped!! :D)

    (I am reminded of that quote in Adrian Mole about the Falklands etc)

    Adrian Mole's best quotes: what are your favourites?

    "At tea-time I was looking at our world map, but I couldn’t see the Falkland Islands anywhere. My mother found them; they were hidden under a crumb of fruitcake."

    Also at about 125m below sea level it does seem a bit of a stretch that it would be exposed at any low tide.

    Did see on the satellite though that there is a rather large patch of something there but did not really pursue, as I assumed from the first it was some submerged feature as you say.

    Back during WW2 though I am sure (of course) that the world was much less well known and not so well mapped out and thinking of all sorts of odd stories i.e. Enid Blyton's German submarine bases in the Scottish islands - of course the innumerable possibilities across the Pacific and even hints "read once somewhere" of all the "hidden" bases across the Atlantic, Mediterranean etc. i.e. as in Indiana Jones etc.

    The BBC map was a bit of a "rough and ready one" (I guess) and I noticed that eventually it was "taken down" - so I assume it was "grabbed" in haste from somewhere - and hopefully "they" won't be using it again... :smug:

    All the best,

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  5. Ramiles

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    Episode 138: No Such Thing As Fluff Island

    Friday 4th November 2016

    Andy, Anna, Alex and special guest Ed Brooke-Hitching discuss left-handed snails, non-existent islands and the White House press-pit-swimming-pool.

    audioBoom / Episode 138: No Such Thing As Fluff Island
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    Pretty confident it's Parsley Island.

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