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Discussion in 'Research Material' started by von Poop, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Nicely put.

    Curiously the Non Executive Directors of Kew ( paid £400 per day for an estimated 20 days a year ) may have been meeting but their Meeting Summaries have not been revealed since they met on 19th June 2019. Perhaps they have all protested at the document ordering changes and have been held in the Archives, being fed on old sandwiches and cold sausages from the breakfast menu. They are, after all, the usual suspects ?

    The last Executive Team Update was published in November and I rather think their updates will not reappear. See last meeting minutes here:
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    Must admit I haven't been keeping track of the releases of these. TNA published a projected timetable for releases, not sure how they have been keeping to it or not. The AIR 81s go quiet for long periods which are broken by large releases at once.
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    Came across this article regarding the New Zealand National archives; it appears that other researchers are having trouble at thier public institutions! Here this is about cutting of reading hours

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    I have one suggestion that may put a rocket up the TNA; if for one week (5 days) researchers decided not to visit Kew it would send a message, a weeks worth of revenue gone from parking, copying, beverages, 'food', nothing bought from the gift shop. A large chunk of money that would not go into their coffers. The very least it would signal to the 'Top Brass' that a large section of researchers could mobilise and at times refuse to use the service leaving them a little strapped.

    It still rankles that they took away Mondays; it's a great shame that there is not TNA 'whistleblower'; would love to here what is actually going on and what their thought processes are.

    Re: WO 416 cards I have never understood the need to keep these cards closed on the grounds of privacy except for those that incude an X-Ray! I chased these cards since they were at Portsmouth back in 2012, then when they were moved and being assessed at MOD Hist, as there are no personal comments made in the cards, I assume like others that a digitisation deal was done with Find My Past or Ancestry. WO 344 have more personal details, even accusing some of the worst crimes! From two different soldiers I found accusations made of the same man in the 6th Airborne Division of stealing patients personal effects!

    I think it is the MP Helen Whatley that oversees TNA, have to wait and see after the reshuffle this week. A letter is always a good start to flag up issues.
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    Glad to see I'm not the only one unhappy about this.

    I've lobbed an email at my local MP, I would suspect that is the correct course of action.
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    That'll save us all that tedious primary research, especially now there's not enough room or time for us to do it. Our betters can decide what we should know and inform us through the medium of interpretative dance!
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    I was there yesterday, and on the first floor there was tables set out with fine silver by the looks of it and chandeliers, obviously for the launch thing.
    On another note, very few people in the reading room, probably about 60 maximum. When I had finished my bulk order, at about 2pmish, I booked my self a seat. Only 17 available!!! Some tables weren't even occupied.
    When I left at 6.30 ish, there were only about a dozen people still in there. but as it was a Wednesday might have been the reason.

    Also I did not see as many staff about at all.....

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    I'm surprised they haven't taken advantage of the current threat to health and safety posed by the great unwashed and just shut the doors anyway. It is what they are longing to do.
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    If they come under the Home Office, let's hope it gets Priti interesting...
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    Link to National Archives research guides that may be of interest to some. Note that these are guides to assist further research and not free access to individual records. It shows what is around and also covers family history research in general.
    Research guides - The National Archives
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    Combat gallantry awards could be bulk-downloaded. They are all digitised.

    Anyone knows if there are other interesting documents to download about italian campaign?

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