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    I am writing a series of articles based on the experiences of National Servicemen who served 'overseas' and were awarded the General Service Medal, for an on-line military magazine. So far, the magazine has published two of my own articles + one on Kenya+ one on Malaya.
    If possible, I would like to hear from any National Servicemen who served in the following 'hot-spots'; Palestine: Korea:Aden: Malaya: Canal Zone:Cyprus;Aden who are prepared discus their experiences and for me to write and publish them.

    Thank you,
    Roger R Brown
    Ex.Royal Signals Cyprus 1957-59
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    I can't directly help, I'm afraid, but given that you were in Cyprus in the late-50s, are you able to tell me anything at all about 'Whites Camp'?

    My grandfather was there with 3 Inf Div HQ in 1951, but I'm drawing blanks.

    Sorry to derail the topic--but at least this will bump the thread to the top again!
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    In response to Charlie F's request; regrettably I have no knowledge of 'White's Camp'; however, I found the 'post' by timuk very interesting as I went (heavily escorted by 'Ferret' armoured cars) to Kyrenia for a weeks leave.

    Roger R Brown
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    I'm going further back in time with my National Service articles.
    I have recently completed two articles for ultimately publishing in 'The Military Times' about N.S men serving in Palestine, I would, if possible like to have contact with other N.S men who served there so that I could write about their experiences.

    Roger R Brown
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    I have just submitted an article to The Military Times about Bernard Cribbin's 'Palestine' experience; he allowed me to base the article about his National Service on the chapters in his autobiography 'Bernard Who?.and was kind enough to verify the article prior to TMT publishing it at some point...

    Are there any National Servicemen who helped in the Berlin Airlift who read these pages? If so, I would like to 'hear' from them OR does anyone have diaries from those days kept by deceased relatives?

    Roger R Brown
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