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    A gent's contacted me re LAC Fowler.

    He's been "transcribing and researching the Honour Roll for the Queensland Congregational Union which covers both WWI & WWII. The entry in the Honour Roll for LAC Fowler is as follows.

    Brighton Road Congregational Church
    Harold Francis Fowler
    Leading Aircraftsman 76056 RAAF
    Lost at sea off Queensland
    31 March 1945
    Aged 20 years
    World War II

    This may not be any help, however there may be further information available in the original files and correspondence which assisted in the writing of the Honour Roll which was created by John Wheeler and now resides at the John Oxley Library in Brisbane.

    Best regards"
    I've invited him to sign up.
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    Thanks very much for the added details


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