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Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Historic Steve, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    During my research to improve British Troops Berlin have discovered a location statement for 22 Nov 46 (thanks to Lee@arcre), showing every unit/organisation in Berlin at the time, now published on, in time hoping to find earlier records, however you will find major units up to 1 Mar 49, as with the remainder of 21st Army Group/BAOR.

    Please go to and follow the links.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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  2. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

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  3. RHH

    RHH New Member

    Steve, I am looking for a publication that contains the ORBAT for the British Army from the years 1957-1960, in particular for 2 Infantry Brigade based in the West Country. Are you able to point me in the right direction? Cracking website on BAOR btw
  4. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    RHH, many thanks, for the time being my website is only up to Mar 49, there is a publication "The British Army in Germany (BAOR and after) an Organizational History 1947-2004" by Graham E. Watson and Richard A. Rinaldi, the early days are suspect but a good reference point for later, sorry unable to help with a UK ORBAT.

    Best of luck with your research
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  5. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Well-Known Member

    This could be of interest: Serving in the British Army Intelligence Corps during the 1960s & 70s (Part 3):

    Link: Cold War Conversations History Podcast

    I have not listened to this.
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  6. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Well-Known Member

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  7. Quis Separabit

    Quis Separabit Junior Member

    Hi Steve

    Stumbled across your site and noticed there was reference to 9th British Infantry Brigade.

    You may be interested in 9th Brigade War Diaries (up to September 1945) which can be found at my site at 9th British Infantry Brigade During World War 2 and includes some photos of HQ Officers as at beginning of May 1945 plus HQ Defence Platoon at the same time which you are welcome to use as appropriate (my dad was Camp Commandant and HQ Defence Platoon Commander).

    I know that at some point my dad was appointed as "Town Major" with responsibility for a specific district somewhere after the war ended but have never known where so if you have any information of assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards.

    Quis Separabit

    P.S. Comments Feed at doesn't appear to be working?

    Images of 9th British Infantry Brigade May 1945
    9th Infantry Brigade Headquarters - Lengerich - May 1945
    Brigadier WFH Kempster OBE (Commander 9th Infantry Brigade) and other Brigade Headquarters officers who, based on return of officers and cap badges, pips, seniority and age are believed to be:

    Back Row (Left to Right)
    1. T/Captain TG Badham Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers/Royal Ulster Rifles - age 35
    2. Lieutenant MP Scanlon - Royal Irish Fusiliers/Royal Ulster Rifles - age 27
    3. Unknown Chaplain - Royal Army Chaplains Department
    4. Lieutenant EG Barker - Royal Ulster Rifles - age 34
    5. Lieutenant MJ Wheelock - Kings Shropshire Light Infantry - age 21
    6. Unknown Chaplain - Royal Army Chaplains Department
    7. Unknown Captain/Chaplain

    Front Row (Left to Right)
    1. T/Captain FL Usher - Royal Engineers - age 40
    2. T/Captain MC Quarmby - Dorset Regiment - age 25
    3. T/Major D Montgomery - Royal East Kent Regiment/Buffs - age 26
    4. A/Brigadier WFS Kempster - Kings Shropshire Light Infantry - age 36
    5. A/Major JE Driver - Duke of Wellington (West Riding) Regiment - age 33
    6. T/Captain E Quinn - The Kings Regiment - age 25
    7. Unknown Captain/Chaplain

    The Unidentified Chaplains with the Brigade at the time were:
    1. Chaplain DW Jones (attached to 2 Lincolns) - age 34
    2. Chaplain WIG Wilson (attached to 1 KOSB) - age 32
    3. Chaplain JP O’Brien (attached to 2 RUR) - age 26

    The Unidentified Captains with the Brigade at the time were:
    1. T/Captain HS Nettleton (RASC) - age 36
    2. T/Captain DCW Milton (KOSB) - age 28

    Officers Mess - Lengerich May 1945
    Lieutenant MP Scanlon second from right with other officers from 9th British Infantry Brigade Headquarters.

    Headquarters Defence Platoon - 9th British Infantry Brigade - Lengerich May 1945
    Brigadier WFC Kempster OBE (Commander 9th Infantry Brigade) in centre
  8. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Good Morning,
    I was hoping to find a good friend of mine from Guernsey 8Channel Islands Tom Remfrey. Tom was a deporty
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  9. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

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  10. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Well-Known Member

    Post 28 contains a request from Lindele (from Germany) and this will be resolved (hopefully) offline. Lindele is aware.
  11. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Well-Known Member

    Lindele's request has been resolved and contact made.:)
  12. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Just added new pages to cover Line of Communication in the Low Countries, formation and major units are shown along with minor units Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers – Royal Signals are being updated, at the bottom of the Line of Communication page you will find the formation and major units under command 1st Canadian Army prior to arrival in Germany.

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine under construction from France to Berlin
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  13. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Thanks Steve,
    I really have all I wanted.

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