Operation Anthropoid 75 years on

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    Today I visited the site of the Ambush to mark the anniversary, I think there had been something official earlier in the day but I missed it, while I was there a fair few people stopped by to pay there respects. I also visited St Cyril's but only in passing I will go back in the next couple of days, there are a series of story boards in central Prague about the Operation (and the War in general).


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    Thanks. This was a key event of the Second World War and especially the way the Nazis ruled in occupied countries.
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    Just in case you are not aware of it, if you go down to the Rudolfinum Concert Hall near the river, the second building along from (and behind) it that curves round slightly and is the nearest building to the next bridge used to be the SS Headquarters.
    The Gestapo HQ is not far from the Muzeum Metro station.
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    Google Earth is a handy thing - pointers for the various locations and the KMZ file I compiled.
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