Operation Market: Correct numbers?

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    I would like to know how many British and US airborne troops landed in Holland on Day One (September 19th) of Operation Market.
    Major L F Ellis in "Victory in the West" has:
    6700 of 101st US AB Div
    7000 of 82nd US AB Div
    5700 of 1st British AB Div
    So his grand total is 19400 for day one.

    Martin Middlebrook in "Arnhem 1944" writes:
    2278 British landed on DZ X and 284 gliders on LZ S and LZ Z
    No exact number for the US divisions is given in Middlebrook's book.

    Charles B McDonald in "The Siegfried Line Campaign" has no exact British numbers. He states that 6779 men of the 101st AB Div "made the jump", plus 53 out of 70 gliders made it to the LZs. He also says that 7277 men of 82nd AB Div made the jump, 207 men arrived by glider.

    Does anyone have exact information about the numbers. If the US numbers are correct, I would like to find out a precise number for the British AB division.

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