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    It is such a huge topic.
    I DID do a search, but there was too much info to sift through. Of course, i might not be using the best terms for my search.....
    At an rate.
    Circa 1941 December. Would it have been "Normal" for the usa aircraft carriers to a be out of the harbor at one time.?
    Or even if not typical, was it a standard practice exercise of some sort.?
    I am not thinking in terms of any kind of "Conspiracy". I am simply wondering if the three carriers were at sea on December 7 for Training Purposes, or were they on "Alert" of some kind.?
    Thank You
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    I googled Carriers Pearl Harbor and found all the following :

    Pearl Harbor, the Missing Carriers: USS Enterprise, USS Lexington and USS Saratoga

    Also see:
    The Missing Carriers of Pearl Harbor
    Carrier Locations - Pearl Harbor Attack
    Lexington and Pearl Harbor:
    Absent by Fate: USS Lexington and Pearl Harbor - Visit Pearl Harbor
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    Here is some more info on the rest of US carriers on Dec 7:

    On the early morning of 7 December 1941, Japanese warplanes attacked the U.S. base at Pearl Harbor without warning, damaging or sinking 16 U.S. warships. With the battle line crippled, the undamaged American carriers assumed great importance. There were, on 7 December, only three in the Pacific: Enterprise, Lexington, and Saratoga. Yorktown, Ranger, Wasp, and the recently commissioned Hornet were in the Atlantic.

    USS Yorktown (CV-5) - Wikipedia
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    Ah..... OK.
    I only searched the forum and only for "Pearl Harbor". :blush:

    Thank You Both

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