POW Camp - Ledsham, Wirral, Cheshire

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    Can anyone tell me anything about or give me sources of information on the camp at Ledsham Hall, Ledsham, Wirral Cheshire for Italian POWs in WWII? There is reference to it in 'Koi Hai' the autobiography of William Higgin who was second-in-command there at the end of the war.
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    Thanks, CL1, for your reply. The fact that most of the accomodation was in tents answers my question as to where they were all accomodated as there was never very much in the way of remains of buidings on the site.
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    Ledsham was built in 1943/44 for the US Army Bolero build up for DDay. It was not a large camp and seems to have been a late addition to the building programme, or had a delayed start up as it was on a big 1944 'to do' list for the West Lancs Area Engineer.

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