POWs camp Vercelli and escape to Switzerland

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    Hi Mike, book just released - SHOOTING THROUGH by Katrina Kittel. You might find this very helpful.
    My great uncle is Douglas Smedley.
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    Here's a photo of the farm where Batt, Clark and Smedley were hiding and another one of the memorial plaque in Tavignano Canisei-oggi.jpg Batt Clark Smedley Tavigliano.jpg

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    Mike has not been on forum since he asked his question in 2017
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    Stay put, head south toward Allied lines, or head north to the Swiss Alps? New Zealanders Clark and Batt feature in a chapter in my book -
    Newly released book 'Shooting Through: Campo 106 Escaped POWs after the Italian Armistice' weaves first-hand accounts of escaped Australian and New Zealander POWs (and some British) from camp to various locations and outcomes into 1944 and 1945. Working from interviews, memoirs and archival records sourced from Australian and UK archives, Shooting Through reveals the decision-making by POWs, the Italian men and women who assisted and befriended them, and the tragedy and humour that this shared history between nations brought forth and which resonates to the present day.
    Foreword by Professor Peter Monteath (author Escape Artist; POW:Australians in Hitlers Reich).
    Two appendices in the book:
    1. Campo 106 Australian POWs (790 me; the Swiss arrivals, and the deaths, are annotated)
    2. New Zealander POWs who reached Switzerland
    Book can be purchased through international online booksellers. For Australian buyers, contact me by FB, my website, email (katrinakittel9@gmail.com for signed copies which can be promptly posted to you.
    I am part of the research team behind my late friend and research colleague Bill Rudd's website Welcome Letter | ANZAC POW Free Men in Europe
    Best wishes to all,
    Katrina Kittel
    Katrina Kittel – Historian Author
    Katrina Kittel: Researcher of POW in wartime Italy
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    Hi Leslie George Batt was a distant relative of mine through my fathers side of my family. I'm researching our family tree and wondered if it would be ok for me to use these photo's on there.
    Mike Stanley
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