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    Does anyone know when the Royal Signals rank of 'Signalman' was amended to 'Signaller'?

    This is quite separate from the generic use of the term 'signaller' for any soldier who was trained to use flags, heliographs, signal lamps, telephones, radios or pigeons to pass messages, irrespective of his corps or regiment.

    The Field Service Pocket Book, Part I, Pamphlet No 3: Abbreviations, dated September 1944 gives the abbreviation for 'signalman' as 'sgmn' which suggests that the official title of the rank was still 'Signalman' at that point. The archived Mod (Army) rank structureweb page referred to in the Wikipedia entry for 'signaller' is marked 'Copyright MoD, 2013' and calls the rank 'Signaller', as does the current MoD (Army) web page 'Rank Structure'. So, the change must have occurred some time between 1944 and 2013 – a pretty wide target!

    Anyone got any ideas?

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