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    Does anyone know if RAF Hortholt (the airfield in north west London) was used for clandestine operations (SOE, SIS etc.) during WW2?

    I know that the airfield had a long history as a base for several fighter squadrons and RAF Ferry/Transport Command.

    Thanks db
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    I cannot see Northolt being used for clandestine flights and a look through units based there does not suggest any affiliation with clandestine activities.No doubt there would be passage to and fro Northolt for VIPs visiting London but I would think that it was as far as it went as regards secrecy.

    Airfields utilised for clandestine activities tended to be dedicated airfields for that purpose such as Tempsford and Harrington.However at Tangmere was also used for Lysanders being close to the south coast and was also used for fighter units.I think that at Tangmere,the Lysanders would have been based physically away from the fighter units so that those on the fighter squadrons had little knowledge of their activities.
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