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  1. LukeATurner

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    Hi all,

    as part of my process in researching my grandad and great uncle I'm trying to get some idea of what units they served in - when writing to Glasgow I see you need to provide the specific service the person was in. Now my dad thinks my great uncle was in bomb disposal in the army, but when I look at the cut of his uniform and the buttons in this picture, it looks more like RAF to me. I'd love to know what people out there might think it is,

    many thanks


    LT Uniform ID.png
  2. AB64

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    Buttons are definitely RAF, does the photo show any more insignia on the sleeves?

    During the War there were some (not many I don't think) transfers or discharge/reenlist between the Services and late War they started doing larger transfers to the Army as it was struggling with numbers, so its not impossible to have been Army & RAF.
  3. LukeATurner

    LukeATurner Member

    Thanks for the input, that's much appreciated. Unfortunately the photo is quite a cropped one so I don't have any more detail. My dad thinks he was in bomb disposal so this would really narrow it down.

  4. timuk

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    The RAF also had Bomb Disposal Units so he was possibly with one of these and your Dad has wrongly associated bomb disposal purely with the Army.

    Edit to add: I'm sure you've noticed that if applying for RAF records the Form goes to RAF Cranwell not Glasgow. Glasgow is for Army.
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  5. Harry Ree

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    I would say RAF best blue uniform,ie,dress uniform.

    This one shown differs from mine in the early 1950s in that the v cut in the collars has been changed to an almost 90 degree cut.

    A service number, if available, would help in ascertaining when he entered the service
  6. LukeATurner

    LukeATurner Member

    Hi Harry, thanks for that. Sadly I don't know his service number, it's proving hard to track down - hopefully I can get the info from Glasgow.

  7. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    See timuk 's post above.
    You won't get RAF records from Glasgow.
  8. LukeATurner

    LukeATurner Member

    Ahhh right, I'd not seen the edit - thanks for flagging. The Gov website helpfully doesn't say that, and even has a form to fill in for RAF personnel. Perhaps it's changed?

    Request records of deceased service personnel

  9. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Says at top of the RAF form.

    2020-10-29 18.49.43.png
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  10. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Yes it does in the instructions:
    When complete send both Application Part 1 and Application Part 2 to the address provided on the Service specific search form. Send the supporting documents with your application.

  11. jonheyworth

    jonheyworth Senior Member

    That’s definitely RAF ORs service dress . RAF bomb disposal flights are numbered in he 6000 series . They had a fair few casualties
  12. LukeATurner

    LukeATurner Member

    Thanks Jon - sadly Uncle Reg became a casualty long after the war finished, he took his own life in 1958. The family has never really known but always wondered if the stress of his wartime service was a contributing factor.

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  13. Harry Ree

    Harry Ree Very Senior Member

    One point already mentioned is that I would have thought that on the image,it would show the RAF Eagle insignia on at least the right shoulder of the airman.

    I wonder if the photograph was taken at the induction stage.
  14. LukeATurner

    LukeATurner Member

    ah that's interesting, I wonder if it was. Hopefully I might be able to get his records and find out more.


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