RAOC - Burma & India - 1942 to 1945 - my fathers war diaries.

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    I'm trying to find the info I need to obtain copies of the war diarys re my dad's time in Burma where he served in the RAOC, eventually becoming a paid/acting WO1/Sub Conductor. Can anyone help me please? His service records are as follows:

    Arrived in Bombay from Liverpool on 07/05/1942 where he reported to Lahore Depot. On 28/09/1942 he was posted to No1 Ordnance Detachment Type B - does anyone know what this was?. On 28/01/1943 he was 'evacuated from field to BMH Chittagong' until 03/06/1943 when he was posted to No4 I.O.B.Det.
    He attended training courses at the British Infantry School in Sanger in Dec 1943 and rejoined his unit on 19/01/1944. He was medically evacuated again on 13/04/1944 for 2 months before being posted to No5 Indian Ordnance Beach Det on 07/06/1944 for about a year before returning to the UK.

    Please can anyone shed any light on where my dad would have been in Burma? He never spoke about what happened and much to my regret, I was too young to be interested before he died - I was 24 when he passed away.

    Nick Richards
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    Hi Nick,

    Can't really add anything to your post, but, I wondered if the name of Sanger, could actually be Saugor or Sauger. This was the training camp set up for original Chindit training in 1942 in the Central Provinces of India. There were all sorts of training classes and weapons experimentation, somewhere an Ordinance Warrant Officer would learn much or demonstrate to others.

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    I'll second Saugor...

    Can you post an image of his records on the site please, Nick, as I'm presuming you have already obtained them, which is the first step on the road to knowledge... I doubt if I'll be able to help much either (43-44 is my research angle), but there are bound to be a few who may be able to help...

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    Hi Nick, I found this mention of type B. Mobile Field Laundry and Bath Unit Type B. War Establishment III/293/1. December 1943. http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/23793-royal-army-ordnance-corps/
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    Hello Jason, I know this is off this topic, but its the only way I can get in touch with you. I still have one of my books here for you. If no longer required that's fine by me- just a quick PM is fine.
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    Hi Nick,

    7 years on lets hope you still have an email alert! I think i can help as my Grandfather was an instructor at Saugor Infantry Training Camp. Im currently doing some further research but if anything turns up ill drop back here!
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    Just in case Nick is still around.
    I think these were actually Indian Army Ordnance Corps units, not RAOC.
    1 Indian Ordnance Detachment (Type B) was certainly at Chittagong in 01/43, so he probably didn't have far to evacuate to BMH Chittagong.
    I had not previously heard of 4 Indian Ordnance Beach Detachment, but it was a fair bet to exist since there was definitely a No. 3 and a No. 5.
    5 Indian Ordnance Beach Detachment did the usual journey Imphal - Meiktila - Rangoon between 01/45 and 08/45 as a component of 45 Indian Beach Group. They then went to Malaya as 14 Army Troops and were disbanded in 08/46.
    Don't ask me what a beach detachment was doing in the middle of Burma!
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    Thanks for this. I am back on the system now and will be continuing my research soon. I usually do it during the winter months when I have more time. Now I know a little more background, from members input, I need to re read his records as I'll have a bit more understanding of them - it won't be in 7 years time though!!
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    Thanks very much for this. I'm going to start digging again and will get back in touch. Most of the war diary records are hand written and tricky to decipher, but I've got a better background idea now.
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