RCAF 425 Sqdn. crash 11/02/1944

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    Can anyone look up the flight details for this crew please:

    Casualty Details

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    11 February 1944

    425 Squadron

    Halifax III LW395 KW-O
    Op. Training

    The aircraft took off from Tholthorpe at 1847 hours tasked for a Bullseye exercise over the Midlands. The Halifax crashed at 2107 hours on Carters Hill near Hanbury 4 miles south of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire due to the failure of the port outer engine
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    I wonder where Chorley got the cause of crash from? The Court of Inquiry made no such determination.

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    Thanks everyone.
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    Bill Chorley's B.C loss publications sometimes contains amendments in the following publication year coverage and were included from those who had personal knowledge of incidents.

    Alas the individuals able to add information are in decline as time evolves.

    The number of engine failures which resulted in the loss of an aircraft often came from a fire outbreak which breached the engine fire plate.The pilot had enough of a workload in trimming the aircraft on loss of an engine as well as coping with an engine fire.
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    Today I paid a visit to Pershore Cemetery looking for a headstone concerning another air crash I am currently working on.
    I obtained the photos I needed and was about to leave when I noticed two headstones with the same surname "Dubroy" obviously related brothers perhaps both Canadian.On closer inspection one was a P/O and the other was RCS (Royal Canadian Signals) this intrigued me.Two relatives killed on the same day both from different services.???
    I took some photos and headed home.
    After a quick search through some of my books, 23 OTU, Pershore, 24 OTU, Honeybourne, and Chorley's I found the crash.
    On the 11th Feb 1944, Halifax LW 395 from 425 Squadron RCAF t/o 1847 Tholthorpe and was tasked for an exercise over the Midlands.
    The aircraft crashed at 2107 due to an engine failure on Carters Hill near Hanbury Worcs.There were eight personell on board, all were killed.

    Sgt J. G. D. Aubin (pilot) RCAF.
    Sgt J.J.........Shanahan.
    F/S H.B....... Mitton.
    Sgt J.H.Y......Albert ..........RCAF.
    Sgt J.O.R......Fieury..........RACF.
    Sgt J.F.........Mayville........RACF.
    P/ W.E........Dubroy........RACF.

    Sig J.L.........Dubroy.........RCCS.

    (crew taken from Chorley's Bomber Command Losses 1944)
    Four of the crew had recently passed out (Nov 43) the AB course at 23 OTU Pershore.

    It seems Sig J.L. Dubroy had gone on this flight "simply for the trip". I cant imagine the shock his parents felt on hearing both sons serving in different services were killed in the same plane crash. R.I.P.


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  11. Tricky Dicky

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    William Edmond Dubroy




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    Joseph Leonard Dubroy

    42127_83024005549_0211-00386.jpg 42127_83024005549_0211-00390.jpg 42127_83024005549_0211-00391.jpg

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    Cheer's guys, for the response.
    Before I posted this thread, I typed in Halifax LW 395 in the search facility and got "no results found" so I pressed on with the thread.
    Having said that, still pleased with the information and photo's from both threads.
    A very tragic event.

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    Morning Dave,
    Noted the wreckage was spread over a radius of 4 miles would suggest a catastrophic explosion on board wouldn't it ?
    Teddy died of heart failure, or was he just beaten to death? which ultimaltely lead to heart failure. I guess we will never know the answer to both questions.

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    Very sad- I know both Pershore and Ottawa well.
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    Noted both threads have merged,

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    Interesting read. I am the great nephew of the Dubroy brothers. I have seen most of this before.

    Here is another picture of them.

    Their parents had predeceased them, but they had 12 siblings. FB_IMG_15851775365549874.jpg

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