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  1. dave254

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    I am doing a bit of research into the Royal Engineers in East Africa in 1943 due to family history, however I have hit a bit of a dead end!
    Could anyone tell me where the East Africa Electrical Mechanical Engineers Training Centre was?
    I am also trying to find the location of 401 base WHSPS. (Although I am not quite sure what WHSPS is/was).
    I am assuming that they are somewhere in the vicinity of Nairobi as the individual I am looking into was sent to hospital there aroundabout the same time.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Jedburgh22

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    Hi Dave, I think it should read 401 Base Wksps - Workshops, I have looked at the TNA kew catalogue but there is nothing specific to REME in East Africa - I think it would be a case of looking through the Order of Battle files and correspondence to get locations, I believe most British & Commonwealth forces were around Nairobi and Mombassa

    You also seem to have two units in mind Royal Engineers and Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  3. Jedburgh22

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  4. dave254

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    Whoops, my bad. I have had a reread and he transfered to REME from RE in 1942!
  5. RosyRedd

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    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have had a look to see if I could find anything for 401 Base Workshops, but unfortunately there is no mention of them in the Regimental History. However, there were base workshops at Embakasi, which is near Nairobi.

    Let us know what you find out :)

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    Just in case you don't have the answer to you question on the location of the EAEME in Kenya . I have my fathers correspondence and photos posted from - EAEME Station workshops at Nanyuki , E Afica . Jan 1953.
  7. RosyRedd

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    Hi Webbyjnr - Welcome to the forum. :)

    Dave254 hasn't visited the forum since 2011, but if you don't mind sharing your photos we'd be very interested to see them.


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