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  1. Owen

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    Wet miserable half-term day brightened up by an hour or so long visit to the REME Museum at Lyneham.
    Some rubbish photos from my phone , couple got out of order whilst uploading.
    few other photos of a model of some memorial gates I added to this thread No 6 Tank Brigade Workshops 24 June 1944

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  2. Owen

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    This is the film about WF Harris MM, whose photo & medals are in the pics above.
    They have an extract of it playing in the museum, with his medals underneath the screen.

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  3. dbf

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  4. Oldman

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    Thanks for the post, great photo's
    Have to put it on my list of places to visit this year
  5. bamboo43

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    Me too. I've just stumbled across three REME soldiers who were involved on Chindit 1. Obvious attachments to such a venture really, but hadn't occurred to me until now.
  6. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    The Western Star wrecker looks brand new, except for the older wheel style.
  7. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    B reg = 1984.(but that's a civie number plate)
    It was used at BATUS in Canada.

    Some interesting comments about it on this photo on the FB page.
    The REME Museum
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  8. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Had a hard life.
  9. Aeronut

    Aeronut Junior Member

    I'm relieved to see they have labelled the weapons in the large display cabinet. When I went shortly after the museum's opening there was not one label that huge display
  10. REME245

    REME245 Member

    Is it worth a visit? I was not that impressed when I went to Aborfield and got charged for entry even though I was a serving REME soldier at the time. Anyone with a MOD 90 can get free entry to Bovington but presumably Aborfield had a different arrangement with the MOD. Just hope the RA get their new Museum as well.
  11. Owen

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    It thought it ok , enjoyed a pot of tea & banana cake afterwards .
    It will cost serving & ex REME 4 quid to get in.
    Visit - REME Museum
    Serving military: £4
    Ex-REME (with association card or other REME membership details): £4
  12. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Chatting to a younger workmate today whose Dad was in the REME , he asked his Dad to take his kids to the museum as that would be a nice Grandfather- grandson thing to do.
    His Dad said he will not set foot in that building until the proper REME badge is on the museum, not this awful one designed by a civvie design agency.
    He said a lot of REME chaps think the same & won't visit for that reason.
    Also said something about the spanners not being ones that REME chaps would use either .
    REME Museum sign.JPG REME museum entrance.JPG
  13. idler

    idler GeneralList

    It's an odd decision. The rationale was that the great unwashed wouldn't recognise the corps' role from its badge despite depictions of horsepower and electricity which are no vaguer than the new crown. Then they go and change its name from the self-explanatory 'Museum of Army Technology' to 'REME (what's that then?) Museum.

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