Remembering Today 3/2/44 Flight Sergeant K.J.Watson 421799 Royal New Zealand Air Force 488 Sqdn.

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    good day today 3/2/44.flight sergeant k.j.watson 421799 royal new Zealand air force 488 sqdn.may he rest in peace. :poppy: regards Bernard 85
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    February was a month of intense activity for the New Zealanders with the Mosquitos airborne on defensive patrols almost every night. Normally they operated in co-operation with the ground control interception station, each crew patrolling for a period of about three hours. On occasion extra machines would be scrambled to intercept suspected enemy aircraft, but until the 24th only a few fleeting visuals were reported.

    Meanwhile two crews had been lost. Early in the month Flight Sergeant Watson and his navigator, Flight Sergeant Edwards, were lost on patrol.

    Flying Officer Riwai, a Maori pilot serving with the squadron, and his navigator, Flight Sergeant Clark, were killed when their Mosquito crashed at the end of the airfield whilst taking off on a night operation.

    Flight Sergeant K. J. Watson; born Palmerston North, 10 Mar 1923; motor mechanic; joined RNZAF Mar 1942; killed in flying accident, 3 Feb 1944.

    Flight Sergeant E. F. Edwards; born Wakefield, 23 Apr 1917; orchard worker; joined RNZAF Mar 1942; killed in flying accident, 3 Feb 1944.

    Flying Officer T. R. Riwai; born Otaki, 13 Sep 1918; general clerk; joined RNZAF Mar 1942; killed on air operations, 21 Feb 1944.
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    Details of the above loss.....

    3 February 1944

    488 Squadron
    Mosquito NF Mk.XIII HK363

    Dazzled by searchlight during a searchlight co-operation exercise and crashed 1 mile south of Bradwell Bay airfield.


    F/S. K J. Watson RNZAF +
    F/S. E F. Edwards RNZAF +

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