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    My Fathers service record shows he was at RNB Trieste for a few days from 18 - 21 October 1945.
    From 15 December 1944 until 15 March 1946 he was a Leading Radio Mechanic aboard the minesweeper HMS Fancy that was attached to the Royal Navy base St Angelo in Malta.

    I assume the Trieste entry was probably shore leave as there are postcards of the city with all his memorabilia he kept? The entries either side of RNB Trieste show HMS Fancy.
    HMS Fancy was involved in minesweeping in the Adriatic Sea. He received the Italy Star.

    Does anyone know if RNB Trieste was another name used on naval service records for HMS Fabius or Taranto?


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    I could not readily find anything online for RNB Trieste, nor when not an abbreviation. Given the Allies remained in Trieste, for political reasons, till 1951, it is probable that RNB Trieste did exist as a temporary facility in the port city - which had not to my knowledge been fought over or had German demolitions.
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    Patron, thanks for the reply. Further research made from a different direction, confirms the port was never damaged.

    With the German occupation of Trieste in 1944 and the Third Reich’s intention was to maintain Trieste as a southern outlet to the sea. That must confirm that the port of Trieste was never damaged during WWII.
    The Allies reached Trieste on 2 May 1945 (2nd New Zealand Division) the day German forces in Italy surrendered unconditionally.
    A soldier serving with the British Army regiment at Opicina close to Trieste recalls being invited by the navy to spend a day onboard a minesweeper in the port.

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